Useful site for automated semantic tagging

My professor Vin Crosbie, who runs the site Digital Deliverance, turned me onto this open-source semantic solutions by the good people at OpenCalais. OpenCalais’s collaborators have created several tools, from a simple standalone API to tagging applications for Drupal and WordPress. This service reads textual and structural information from three different types of files (txt, HTML, and XML), renders meta-information on those files and offers possible topics based on keyword matches from OpenCalais’s massive database.

I’m considering OpenCalais as a sorting tool for Parallactic Drift. Believe me, hard coding keywords and conditionals to match specific topics is difficult, but it allows me to create a script that sorts news items down to specific events. While I would lose this level of specificity with OpenCalais, the API seems to have evolved from its initial functions to include more advanced vector calculations for reading word placement within text. The API even diagrams sentences’ grammatical structure to figure out what a sentence says! Just type a word into their demo viewer.

I’m thoroughly impressed with the ingenious and collaborative energy behind this project, and I feel like utilizing it in the project just to contribute to their ever-expanding database. Even if I don’t end up using any of OpenCalais’s tools, I certainly recommend at least their CMS tools to online publications and most other site developers, since it can only help make everyone’s meta-information more descriptive and content more findable.

  1. Tiago –

    Thanks for the good words. We’re delighted to hear about the ways OpenCalais is enriching users’ content.


    Fran Sansalone
    OpenCalais Community Manager

  2. Hm hm.. that’s interessting but honestly i have a hard time seeing it… wonder how others think about this..

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